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GoRawChow is the pinnacle of Pet Nutrition.


Herring & Beef Blend Breakdown:

79% fresh wild caught bone-in herring, 7% beef muscle, 6% beef liver, 6% beef lung & 2% beef heart/spleen/kidney.en/kidney.



-Wild & Fresh Bone-in Herring: with 79% wild fresh caught, bone-in herring, this blend has a robust source of high-quality protein. It contains naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which not only boost immunity and fight inflammation but can also help improve your pet’s skin and coat quality. Herring is also an excellent source of Vitamin D, vital to keep muscles, bones, and teeth healthy. 

-Taurine: This unique raw blend is nutrient packed just as nature intended. The naturally occurring taurine in raw herring, muscle beef and beef organs, essential to your cat's vision, digestion, and heart muscle function, has not been cooked off and added back through supplementation.

-Protein Boost: 7% beef muscle provides your dog or cat with a hearty helping of high-quality protein-- an essential part in muscle development, energy levels and overall vitality. 

-Beef Liver: The addition of 6% of beef liver adds a natural nutrient-rich punch of vitamin A and B as well as essential minerals like iron to support a glossy coat, boosting energy and immune function. 

-Beef Heart/Spleen/Kidney: Adding 2% organ mix to this blend supports your dog or cat's own heart health by naturally supplying them with a compound called Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).



-Stronger Immune system:

- Decrease inflammation

- Powewrful Anti-Oxidant

- High amounts of essential fatty acids

Omega 3's including EPA amd DHA 

- Visible boost in energy levels


FEED your DOG right | Upgrade to GoRawChow! 


Herring & Beef - 16lb Case in Chubs - Cat or Dog-.Door delivery (Con

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  • All GoRawChow is sold frozen. Keep it frozen, it couldn't be easier. Defrost thoroughly before serving your pet.

    GoRawCHow is NOT for Human Consumption.

    Shipping schedule:

    We ship our fresh, frozen dog food on Mondays via the UPS.

    Orders must be placed before 10am on Monday (CST) to be shipped that Monday.

    Any orders received after 10am on Monday (CST) will ship the following Monday.

    We take the guess work out of shipping for you by offering auto-delivery subscriptions. Just sign up once, and we'll deliver your order on the schedule you choose.

    Holiday Schedule:

    If a holiday lands any time during the week, we will not be shipping that week. If a holiday lands on a Saturday, we will not be shipping the previous Monday. If a holiday lands on a Sunday, we will not be shipping the next day, Monday.

    Holidays include: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day

    Please note, this means we will be closed for two weeks for Christmas and New Year’s.

    Making family happy - One Chub at a time

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